Hacking is not a crime, it's a profession till the time you play with it safely. 

Hack Hunt Army - H2A, is an initiative by HackHunt CyberSecure LLP. Think of this as an Army of Cybersecurity Sleeper Cells, which will be activated depending on the nearby jobs. 

We are on a mission to connect cybersecurity experts from all over India and provide a real-time platform to the students, working & non-working individuals for performing hacking legally.

This community is for motivated individuals with solid hacking or forensics talents who can spot loopholes or vulnerabilities. Anyone interested can apply!

We as a Hack Hunt Army are driven by a passion for our mission and a strong urge to work together to help the community and make the world a more secure place.

We don't have any eligibility requirements; instead, we look for expertise and interest in the subject. Additionally, depending on the level, you will be compensated for hacking, investigation, and disclosing flaws.

To know more about the Level, check below or watch this video.

Hack Hunt Army is divided into 5 levels. 

  4. ELITE
  5. ROOT


You will be starting with this level and advancing to further levels depending on your work and experience. Anyone interested in Cybersecurity / Ethical Hacking / Networking / Forensics  / Cyber Law can be a part of it. To know more about being a college club click here! At this stage, you will be provided with (a digital copy):
  • Hack Hunt Digital Swag.
  • Your information will be added to the website.
  • Hack Hunt ID will be generated.


This Level is an upgrade to the MEMBER level who can be more trusted with the jobs provided to them and have been a member of HackHunt Army for a longer period. At this stage you will be provided with:
  • Physical Copy Hack Hunt Army Certificate (ID Card)
  • Hack Hunt Visiting Cards with your own name and details. 


This Level is allocated as an upgrade to the HACKER level. At this level, you will be considered a professional of Hack Hunt Army. 
  • A Kit to have a standardized process of work will be provided.


This Level is allocated to the integral team of Hack Hunt. These members will handle the internal matters/business of the company. These members are the core members of Hack Hunt.


This Level is allocated to the company's Directors / Founders / Other High-Level Post. This is the highest level anyone can get.

Be a part of this community.